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Call for CPG Vice Chair & New General CPG Steering Committee Members

  • 1.  Call for CPG Vice Chair & New General CPG Steering Committee Members

    Posted 03-09-2023 14:01

    Call for Vice Chair & New CPG Steering Committee Members

    Based on values that respect the individuality of people living with diabetes and their clinical and social context, the guidelines are governed by a multidisciplinary Steering Committee that is committed to the representation of diverse perspectives.

    As our new guidelines revision process continues to evolve, and we update our guidelines as important data emerges, our CPG Steering Committee is also growing and evolving to ensure a balanced, dynamic and diverse membership. As such, we are currently looking to add new members to the committee – a Vice Chair and general members – to help in the revision and dissemination and implementation of the Diabetes Canada guidelines.

    The role of a general committee member includes:

    ·       Helping to select and prioritize topics for guideline development and revision

    ·       Reviewing and commenting on all new/updated chapters and position statements

    ·       Reviewing, discussing and approving all recommendations (100% consensus is required for all recommendations)

    ·       Attending regular monthly meetings

    The role of Vice Chair includes:

    ·       Co-leading the CPG Steering Committee monthly meetings; helping to set the tone and direction of the committee

    ·       Helping to oversee the development and revision processes of all ongoing updates, chapters and position statements

    ·       Helping to oversee the work of all CPG sub-committees and topic working groups

    ·       Helping to oversee all ongoing dissemination and implementation processes

    Previous guidelines experience would be an asset for the Vice Chair role. A conflict of interest form will need to be completed in order to be considered for the role, with the expectation that the successful candidate will work to reduce his/her financial interactions with industry. Please note, there is an honorarium for the Vice Chair role that is provided annually by Diabetes Canada.

    The quality and integrity of the committee is maintained through the outstanding nature of its members, and care will be taken to ensure a diverse representation of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, discipline, ethnicity, expertise, geographical location, culture and social class.

    If you are interested in volunteering as either Vice Chair or as a general member of the CPG Steering Committee, please contact Tracy Barnes at tracy.barnes@diabetes.ca.

    Thank you.

    Tracy Barnes